Chicken on The Grill

Most people love chicken, especially the taste of grilled chicken. I t has a delicious taste and smooth meat properties. Its white meat also has the tenderness that no other can ever replace. The benefits of eating chicken has beenRead more…

Grilled Shrimp

A Premium wild-caught Shrimp, considered sweet and clean tasting, allowing for additional seasoning when cooked yet still maintains its crispy texture. Can be very plain tasting yet it does allow for any desired seasoning to enhance its flavor. Heavily seasonedRead more…

Battered Shrimp

Fresh shrimp dipped in a batter, then in a seasoned flour, and fried to a golden, crispy crunch.

Steak Fries

Thick and flavorful, but still crispy and fluffy. With their home-style russet potato flavor, our Steak Fries are perfect with any meal that needs a hearty touch.

Grilled Fish

On the grill or fried menu, Detroit Shrimp and Fish is the carryout restaurant for just about any seafood item, chicken and even burgers. We grill a number of fish. Try our halibut, talapia, red snapper, salmon, mahi mahi, scallops,Read more…

Fish & Chips

Fresh Atlantic fried cod and french fried potatoes. Fish and Chips are a British institution, they are one of our national dishes and everyone loves them.

Grilled Veggies

Our veggies do well on the grill. Marinated and sprinkled with herbs making the taste of our vegetable really stand out.

Fried Fish

Guaranteed fresh, we currently have over 15 species of fish on our menu. Whether grilled, fried in cornmeal or battered, our menu items have been very popular locally since we opened in 1997. We have three stores in the metroRead more…

When Placing Your Order:

Make sure you are calling the right store Except for catfish or cod, decide if you want your fish in cornmeal or batter Which sauce(s) would you like with your order Your name and phone number Most orders take 15Read more…